Mentoring Program

The PPIAC Mentoring Program is designed to provide new members of the PPIAC with a specific means by which they may have their investigative and business questions answered, gain essential experience, and benefit from the guidance of committed senior volunteer members.

Mentoring Program Participants



Web Page

H. Ellis Armistead, CLI earmistead@heartlandinfo.com www.heartlandinfo.com
Dean A. Beers, CLI beersda@Forensic-Investigators.com www.Forensic-Investigators.com
Gina Brovege gbrovege@aol.com
Tan Smyth info@rubymooninvestigations.com  http://www.rubymooninvestigations.com
Dennis Gavalier gav1147@msn.com
Dan Keough DKI@comcast.net  
John Morris john@evcoinvestigations.com www.evcoinvestigations.com
William Robert Wall wrwallpi@acsol.net www.wallinvestigations.com
Dave Pettinari dave.pettinari@gmail.com  

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